Collaborative consulting approach

Flexible and hands-on, helping us to deliver what is right for the clients particular needs​


We bring considerable industry experience and deep domain expertise to our clients benefit


Collaborative approach leads to buy-in by stakeholders & improved knowledge transfer


Performance driven focus to develop strategy, action plans and implementation roadmap


Providing implementation support, project management and knowledge transfer

Flexibility with Experience

At the heart of what we do is a belief that different clients have different needs and require different levels of support and inputs depending upon their own capabilities. We always customise our solutions and even our approach to suit particular client needs and circumstances. Our flexible approach focuses on adopting what is right for the client.


We have a collaborative approach, working closely with our clients to identify the needs of the business, diagnosing issues, challenges and opportunities, design an appropriate strategy and implementation plan – whether the client is seeking market entry, new opportunities or distribution, or embarking on a transformation journey.

We are a hands-on management consulting firm, having worked at the sharp end of business for many years. Our collaborative consulting approach enables us to work with clients through the strategy development and implementation stage, providing project support, monitoring and review, and supporting in the knowledge transfer to your team throughout the transformation and change management process.


Our consultants work with the clients management team, customers & partners to get an understanding of your business objectives, current strategy and business issues & opportunities. Once the scope and requirements are agreed, we embark on a detailed diagnosis of the current state of your business, identifying holistic strategies that can be deployed to resolve the issues or deliver the business objectives. Once broad agreement is reached, our consultants typically delve deeper into developing specific strategies, and implementation plans for meeting the objectives.


Implementation planning is critical. It is our belief that success largely depends on a detail orientation and focus on the tasks needed to achieve objectives. Our Consultants work with the clients management team and functional departments to develop specific plans, implementation road map and action plans.

We support this through periodic management reviews. Our project management team can also support large implementation plans with project support. MAGI’s approach is to ensure we support our clients from strategy development through to execution.