No business strategy can remain static for long, nor is any competitive advantage going to last forever. Whatever the business, it needs to evolve to meet challenges in the competitive and business environment.

We have worked with leading insurance and financial services companies in addressing strategic challenges and assisting businesses in developing the right strategies for growth and efficiency improvement across a wide range of emerging markets in South & South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Whether a corporate considering a new business, market entry or addressing a critical business challenge. We help our clients develop appropriate business or functional strategies, and ensure that these are practical and implementable.

We have developed a set of strategic planning tools, and use internationally proven strategy planning methodologies, to address all aspects of strategy planning and implementation. Our consultants can design and guide you through a strategy development and implementation programme. Our approach is customised to each client and their unique challenge and opportunity. 

We have worked on acquisition support, strategic transformation, operational improvement, distribution capability development, Bancassurance deals, product development, and many other areas. 

Our consultants maintain a strategic perspective through the implementation to check against strategic priorities and ensure that strategy remains aligned.

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