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Empowering Insurance Sales through Digital Strategy

The insurance landscape in India faced a pivotal challenge as traditional sales channels struggled to maintain momentum, leading to inflated cost structures. Simultaneously, the need to expand penetration and reduce distribution expenses was paramount. With a surge in smartphone and internet accessibility among Indians, the prospect of digital sales and services emerged as a transformative opportunity.

To harness this potential, MAGI was entrusted with crafting an online sales strategy bolstered by digital marketing and execution capabilities.

digital strategy and e-commerce

Sales Shift: Shifting from traditional sales channels to a digital-driven model demanded a strategic overhaul.

Customer Engagement: Ensuring seamless customer engagement across digital platforms and call center interactions.

Integration Complexity: Integrating diverse insurance products across General, Health, and Life insurance domains into a unified digital platform.

Technological Precision: Developing a robust and user-friendly web solution and ensuring its seamless integration.

Digital Marketing: Creating a digital marketing strategy to acquire customers and track conversions effectively.

MAGI’s approach was marked by strategic thinking and comprehensive execution:

Solution Blueprint: Collaborated with external IT developers to design and implement a core web solution enabling easy comparisons of various General, Health, and Life insurance products.

Insurer Partnerships: Engaged leading General, Health, and Life Insurance companies to enable online sales of selected insurance products.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Developed and executed a customer acquisition strategy with meticulous conversion tracking.

Call Center Implementation: Set up an in-bound and out-bound call center for seamless sales conversion support, focused on customer experience enhancement and drop-off mitigation.

Digital Sales Platform: A robust web solution facilitating product comparisons and enabling online sales of various insurance types.

Streamlined Operations: Integration of General, Health, and Life insurance products under a unified digital umbrella.

Enhanced Customer Experience: In-bound and out-bound call center interventions ensured a seamless and engaging customer journey.

Customer Acquisition: The digital marketing strategy led to effective customer outreach and successful conversions.

Operational Efficiency: A reduction in distribution costs through optimized digital sales channels.

Key Deliverables:

Solution Design: A comprehensive web solution enabling easy comparison and online sales of diverse insurance products.

Insurer Collaborations: Partnerships with leading insurance companies for online sales integration.

Digital Marketing Strategy: A tailored strategy for customer acquisition with conversion tracking mechanisms.

Call Center Implementation: A fully functional in-bound and out-bound call center for customer support and conversions.

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