Financial Model and Proposal Valuation for Long-term Partnerships

Financial Model and Proposal Valuation for Long-term Partnerships

With an aim to expanding its presence in the Bancassurance sector, a prominent Life Insurance company sought to establish enduring partnerships with two key banks.

With past engagements yielding varying outcomes, the client’s objective was to transition these arrangements into robust, long-term partnerships. Armed with a developed base case business plan for each bank, the client engaged MAGI to enhance its approach through strategic and actuarial consultation.

Our mission was to refine the offering, prepare financial models and an actuarial valuation of the business, presenting a compelling proposition for mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Striving for Profitable and Enduring Partnerships

Past Performance Consideration: Previous non-exclusive Bancassurance partnerships bore varying degrees of success, necessitating a revised approach for lasting profitability.

Strategic Alignment: Aligning the client’s objectives with bank partners’ goals posed the challenge of crafting an offering that optimally resonated with both parties.

Quantifying Value: Devising a fair and competitive partnership fee hinged on a comprehensive valuation that factored in potential profitability and mutual benefit.


Timely availability of information and ongoing support from the client’s project team and senior management played a pivotal role in meeting the project milestones and work estimates.

Strategic Valuation and Proposal Refinement

Our approach was aimed at strategic valuation and proposal refinement, ensuring a robust proposition tailored to each bank’s unique landscape.

In-Depth Analysis: An offsite review of business cases, cash flows, performance data, and product information formed the foundation of our strategic valuation process.

Collaborative Engagement: A dedicated project team from the client side, comprising senior management representatives, worked alongside us to facilitate seamless information exchange and timely data availability.

Comprehensive Excel Modeling: We developed an excel model, meticulously integrating business plan cash flows, financial offers, and the calculated value proposition to provide a holistic view.

Iterative Refinement: Our approach encompassed iterative rounds of assessment, clarification, and modification, ensuring the proposal accurately reflected the collaborative value.

Strengthening Partnerships

Our collaboration yielded a multifaceted outcome:

A well-defined, tailored business proposal that resonated with the bank partners’ strategic goals

A mutual value-based partnership fee recommendation, optimizing profitability and ensuring a win-win scenario

Enhanced transparency in expectations, fostering a foundation of trust for long-term collaboration

Key Deliverables:

  1. Refined Business Proposal
  2. Mutual Value-Based Partnership Fee Recommendation
  3. Comprehensive Assessment Report
  4. Presentation Deck for Management and Board Review
  5. Pitch Deck for the Partnership Proposal

Looking for financial modelling and valuation assistance?

Looking for financial modelling and valuation assistance?