Transforming Investment Management through Technology

Transforming Investment Management through TechnologyConsumer Products

Our client is a prominent player in the Pension Funds Industry in Africa. Our client was experiencing rapid growth, leading to a substantial surge in assets under management. The existing solution, a standalone in-house platform, struggled to keep up with the evolving needs. This prompted the client to seek a comprehensive technology transformation for its investment management, aiming to enhance portfolio management and accounting capabilities.

technology and digital transformation

Inadequate Infrastructure: The existing solution lacked scalability and advanced features required for managing a growing portfolio effectively.

Operational Inefficiencies: Manual processes were prevalent, hindering operational efficiency and accuracy.

Compatibility Concerns: The legacy solution posed compatibility issues with emerging technologies and industry standards.

Regulatory Compliance: Stricter regulatory requirements necessitated a modern solution to ensure compliance and reporting accuracy.

Data Integrity: Ensuring data integrity and security while migrating from the old system to a new one.

We embarked on a systematic approach to address the complex challenges:

Solution Design: Collaborated with a Fintech leader specialised in portfolio and asset management solutions to create a tailored proposal.

Business Requirement Definition (BRD): Assisted the client and Fintech partner in shaping the BRD, setting the foundation for customisation.

Cost Estimate and Roadmap: Developed a detailed estimate and a roadmap for development and implementation, aligning with client and partner.

Product Customisation: Executed necessary customisations to meet unique business requirements.

Implementation: Orchestrated the implementation of the Portfolio Management and Fund Accounting Solution.

Strategic Partnership: Collaborated with the Fintech leader to create a proposal aligned with the client’s requirements.

Precise Requirement Definition: Assisted in defining comprehensive business requirements and prepared the BRD.

Cost Transparency: Created a detailed cost estimate and roadmap for development, ensuring financial clarity.

Technology Upgrade: Successfully implemented a modern Portfolio Management and Fund Accounting Solution.

Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes and automation enhanced operational efficiency and accuracy.

Key Deliverables:

Tailored Proposal: A proposal designed in partnership with a Fintech leader to meet the client’s specific needs.

Business Requirement Documentation (BRD): Comprehensive BRD for scoping and customizing the new solution.

Cost Estimate and Roadmap: Detailed estimates and a development roadmap for a transparent financial plan.

Modern Technology Solution: Implementation of an advanced Portfolio Management and Fund Accounting Solution.

Enhanced Efficiency: Improved operational efficiency and accuracy through streamlined processes.

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